Monday, March 19, 2012

Makeup Monday: How to make your eyecolor pop

Welcome back to Makeup Monday!

I want to share with you colors that are recommended in making your eyes pop.  So for all you blue eyed, green eyed, and even brown eyed makeup wearers want your eyes to pop and look radiant, read below in how to accomplish your look:

Blue Eyes – Using colors such as gold, orange, copper and browns will make those beautiful bold eyes pop.  You can also use blue as well and maybe purples, but I would advice using darker shades and in moderation.  For a fun twist of pop, add a blue eyeliner to the waterline…this enhances your blue eye color and accents the whiteness of your eye without looking over dramatic. 

Green Eyes – Using colors such as pinks (go for more the warmer and deeper pink shades), plums, purples, and maybe burgundy for an extra pop.  You may use green as well, but again go for a darker shade and apply in moderation.  Definitely you’ll need to add depth to the look, so apply black eyeliner to the waterline for a more intense look. 

Brown Eyes – Using colors such as purples, teals, blues and greens.  For lighter brown/hazel eyes, green shades would look amazing.  You may also use brown shades as well, but add a pop of color on your cheeks or lips so your face won’t look so blah.  Applying purple or blue to the waterline definitely boosts your eye color and also accents the whiteness in your eyes just making them look very bright. 

Depending on your skin tone and the colors you use, you’ll determine the cheek and lip color to use…but remember always apply lightly first and then build up your color if needed.

I hope this helps you all with switching up your normal makeup routine, but also trying something new for an extra pop of goodness! J  Definitely don’t be afraid to try.  Personally, since I have brown eyes lately I’ve been using a medium to dark purple liner and it really makes the eyes pop without going overboard…it just adds an extra pizzazz and sparkle to the eyes! J

Have a great day beauties! xo

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