Thursday, May 3, 2012

Update (why I have been MIA)...and...April Favorites

Hi Friends!

I’M SO SORRY I have totally neglected to post something….again!! L It’s been a while since I have been blogging, and this time I have been out of the loop because of having a family emergency within my immediate family for the past 3 weeks.  Everything is finally better and back to normal, so I’m ready to get back in the swing of things. 

Anyhoo….I thought I’d share my April favorites.  Goodness…..I can’t believe we are already in the month of May…how time flies.

So lets get started:

·         Fix+ spray from MAC – I use this daily…and I mean everyday seriously!  This is like a refresher spray, but some people like to use it as a setting spray.  I use it for both! J  After applying my moisturizer, I like to spritz my face with Fix+.  For me, it helps for when I buff my foundation on.  And then after I’ve applied my full face makeup, I spritz again and the fix+ just helps my skin look a bit more dewy and not so matte and of course everything stays in place  

·         Naked 2 Palette – Yes yes….I have been using the heck out of this palette.  I still swear by the first Naked palette, but this one just has a few unique colors that I love and it has a matte BLACK…..finally a palette with a matte black.  This is a quick and easy palette to grab when you’re on the go (I know I promised a review on this, but because I picked this up so much later I’m sure there are tons of blogposts and videos out there so I don’t want to repeat what’s already been mentioned)

·         Infallible Lip Colors – I’m back to using this lip product again.  Perfect for when I’m on the go, and especially when I don’t want my lip color to budge since I sometimes don’t touch up throughout the day.  I have done a review on this product, please check back in my blog posts

·         MAC Turquatic perfume – Love this smell…it’s not to strong and it’s not to subtle it’s just right to wear daily. Love it!

·         Oribe Hair Spray – Love the smell of this hairspray…and the hold, its just perfect.  It keeps my curly in tack, but leaves my hair feeling still soft and NO stiff crunchiness

·         Aveeno Nourish + Conditioner Treatment Spray – I use this all the time before my hair straightening process begins.  After washing my hair, I spray the lower half of my mane with this treatment.  And let me tell you….it helps with making my strands feeling so soft and nourished (as what is says it does J)

This concludes all of the products I have been loving and using religiously for the past couple of weeks.  It’s not much since I’ve been dealing with personal issues within my family practically the second half of this month….so I promise next month will be interesting. 

Take care beauties….talk with you soon! xo J