Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I’m back...wow and it’s Spring 2014 already - time to catch up!!! :)

Hi Friends!!  I’m back….so sorry I have escaped you like that.  A LOT….I mean a LOT has gone on since I last posted about anything.  I will catch you up on what’s been going on….

Since the last time I was here blogging, it was Summer 2013. As Summer concluded last year, I flew to the fashion capital, the city that never sleeps, the big apple – yes yes you know N-Y-C!!  And while I was there……I was in the midst of Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week – Spring/Summer 2014.  And WOW was that a first time experience I will never forget.  You just feel the energy in the air.  From production getting into gears setting up numerous shows, photographers and those flashes going off what seemed to be every milla-second, tall beautiful models scurrying from building to building, and of course the hair and makeup teams looking fierce in their easy quick makeup looks with pops of colors and the black threads of fashionable clothing pieces (aka the glam artist uniform) that look somewhat very fashion forward – because it’s a fashion show….duh! LOL  And lets not forget the talented stylists and designers with piles of bags, rolling racks and hangers moving swiftly in between shows.  While there, I also worked with a few agency models conducting shoots in which some of those photos were published on their agency sites (kinda cool J)

After coming back from NYC, I jetted onto LA for their Fashion Week events where I worked the POSH LA Fashion show.  I visited the Arsenio Hall Show as well networking with the Head Makeup Artist, in addition to also being on the studio sets in the heart of Hollywood!

Then after, the holidays were commencing so things were started to slow down – but not completely.  A few shoots I worked on where some pics got published as well.

After the holidays, came the New Year – and there I made the biggest career change in my life.  I moved to Los Angeles!!!  And boy has it been a big change for sure.  Lots of new things to experience, and lots of new goals and plan I’ve put into action. 

Starting with one of the goals, I wanted to branch out working on different clients I never worked with before…and so I did.  I began working with agency represented kids!!  And boy are they a joy to work with.  Everyone’s first thought is – oh gosh kids…what torture they won’t sit still.  And to be honest, they do.  They are the quickest clients I ever worked with as well.  They LOVEEE to be in the makeup chair, and the love to be in front of a camera – who wouldn’t at that young age. J  Once they get onset it’s like they become these little adults, and so intrigued by all the production to get that “one shot”. 

Sooo now, as heading into Spring, it’s prom season, wedding season, graduation season…..just a bunch of events starting to kick into gear as we start to have this wonderful weather as well.  So I will post some behind the scenes of some projects I’m involved with.

Until then, I wanna say thank you so much for being loyal and coming back to view my blog postings.  I honestly love sharing all sorts of ideas, tips and tricks (even stuff I learn), to projects I’m working on – just things get so busy and hectic I get tied up and can’t make time to just talk (blog) with you! L  Please continue to check back for more updates, there’s a lot I will be sharing.  J  Have a good day beauties! xo

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Monday, July 29, 2013

UPDATED (2013): Top Foundations

Hello Friends,

It’s been a while since I talked about foundations that I’ve tried.  The last blog post I put up was about 2 years, and things have definitely updated since then from formulas, to finishes, etc.  You all know that I’m obsessed with foundation, and that perfect flawless skin is my forte.  So with that said….here’s what I thought about the following (in no particular favorite order):

Smashbox Studio Skin 15 Hour Hydrating Foundation
A very long title….YES!  So automatically you wonder how does this foundation sit on the skin because the first thing you see is “15 hour” and “hydrating”.  Two very powerful active ingredients in a foundation - something long lasting is usually suitable for those who have combination to oily skin, and something hydrating is usually suitable for those who have dry to normal skin.  (keyword: usually lol) So the answer to wondering what skin types this foundation suitable for; I’d say normal to combination skin.  The finish sets to a semi-matte look and feels almost powdery.  It’s not sticky or feels like liquid foundation after it dries on the skin.  The coverage is medium.  The foundation really does keep your skin hydrated and it seriously does last about 15 hours.  I have worn this foundation on the hottest days and it held up pretty well.  Definitely you need a primer – I think with mostly all foundations try to wear a primer.  Unless you have very dry skin you may skip it.  The foundation doesn’t oxidize, the color is pretty spot on I didn’t have a problem matching my skin. 

Smashbox Halo Powder Foundation
Years ago I used to be a powder junkie; I loved loved loved powder foundation.  After learning more of different products and understanding my skin thoroughly I branched out.  Then I thought….well let me try a powder foundation again.  Hmm, I didn’t care for it and I think because of the coverage.  For most powder foundations you really have to build in order to get the coverage you want.  I like a medium coverage.  So I have to build about 2 layers.  And that can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how your skin gravitates to the foundation throughout the day.  I’d say use this foundation if you want to even your skin tone and to keep your shine down to a minimum.  The coverage is light to medium, and the finish is natural.

MAC Studiofix Powder Foundation
So as I mentioned above how I was a powder foundation fanatic, well I thought let me give the Studiofix foundation a try again.  Because back when the MAC brand first came out, this was my holy grail….until I realized it was clogging my pores and making me break out.  But since the buzz spread about MAC changing their formulations I figured lets try this again. J  Anddd….not suitable for me.  The coverage is medium to heavy.  Which is okay because you don’t need to build so much and no need to pack on loads of layers.  But one thing I didn’t like is that it sorta oxidized.  So I didn’t feel like buying to 2 foundations and mix to get my shade, especially when I wanted something quick and compact.  So I use this foundation as a touch up when on the go.  And I usually just touch up my t-zone very lightly; I also dust a small swipe of this powder under my eyes.   Suitable for normal to combination/oily skin tones, and last pretty good throughout the day. 

Cover Girl Outlast 3 in 1
You all know I have ranted that when purchasing makeup and mixing high’s and low’s, definitely pick a high end foundation.  Just because the ingridents are “you get what you pay for”, it’s your skin so you don’t want nasty junk sitting on your skin creating build up and nastiness.  And why not splurge on something luxury so your base is flawless and perfect.  However, we all know that drugstore foundations have definitely turned for the best and now are rivaling with some top high end products out there.  So with that said, friends of mine in the industry ranted that they’ve used this foundation personally and love it.  Andd sooo I had to pick up myself a bottle.  It’s really not bad for a drug store foundation.  I definitely would use this when in a pinch. This foundation is okay for everyday wear, but not for a special event. I think this rivals with my other drugstore foundation fav that I like - Neutrogena Healthy Skin (which I talked about 2 years ago).  The color range is a bit drastic, while they have lots of shades available for light to medium tones, but from the medium tones to the warmer tones they don’t offer much.  At least in the stores in my area, although I checked online and saw they have a line just for warmer tones – but I have yet to see that in any drugstore (so not too sure about that, sorry!).  Anyhoo, the color I chose for me was spot on which was a HUGE surprise, because hellooo it’s a drugstore foundation therefore no testers are open so I went on a hunch and found the right color.  This foundation does not oxidize….yes!  It’s suitable for normal skin tones.  The coverage is light to medium but you can build it without looking cakey.  And it last about a good work day.  Though it’s a “3 in 1” that contains the primer and concealer as well; I’d say still put on those products.  Definitely wear a concealer, and as for the primer it’s sorta hit or miss.  Now to have the foundation last almost all day definitely put on a primer, but if you’re running to do errands and just want some coverage, it’s okay to wear as is – I’ve done it myself and I didn’t get that oily. 

YSL Touché Éclat Foundation
Loved this product….the finish is just AMAZING!  However it’s not suitable for my skin type. L Finally something for the dry to normal skin tones….yayy! J  As I mentioned the finish is amazing, you look so flawless like airbrush flawless with a touch of matte but illuminating at the same time.  The coverage is light to medium but definitely buildable without the foundation feeling heavy on the skin.  However, after a few hours you do become shiny.  That’s why it’s better for the dry to normal skin.  Now my skin has been funny lately where it wants to be dry and then it wants to be oily, so that’s why I picked this up.  But it didn’t gel with my skin after a while.  (Although I think I will be trying this again in the winter to see how it works on my skin in that climate lol)  Even with after touching up the skin mid-day, the skin has gotten so illuminating (for a combo-oily skin type) it’s unbearable to have the finish go back to semi matte just because your skin has adjust to the foundation.

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation
This foundation is very similar to the Smashbox Studio Skin 15 Hour Hydrating Foundation (it even has a long title haha lol).  The difference I notice is the undertones are a little more yellow based.  But the finish is the same, coverage is the same, and it’s long lasting as well.

Clinique Stay-Matte Foundation
This has been my go to foundation for the past few weeks and I love it.  Definitely is a MATTE foundation!  And it lasts for a very long time throughout the day.  However, I noticed it oxidizes just a tad.  So definitely go a shade lighter if you can and are comfortable with that.  When applying the foundation it sets pretty fast, so you’ll have to blend pretty quick.  And it sets to a powdery finish.  The coverage is heavy light to medium.  You can for sure build this to a heavy coverage if necessary.  What I love is that you can still see your skin come through the foundation, but it stays matte flawless and long lasting for almost the entire day. I find myself rarely having to powder my t-zone or touch up. 

I hope this helps you all in finding a good foundation suitable for your skin.  I know there are tons of systems to use in finding a foundation, for example; Sephora came out with a tool to use in-store called Sephora Pantone Color IQ – which basically helps you find any foundation out there (usually all brands Sephora carries) that’s suitable for your skin.  But often times, we all like to hear from someone’s personal review because we can relate to one another’s skin types or experiences.  So I really hope this helps you all, definitely comment or inbox me if you have any questions.  There are tons more foundations I will continue to try, so look out for my next update! J



Monday, July 8, 2013

MAKEUP MONDAY: It's JUNE Favorites!!! :)

Hi Friends!

It’s my monthly favorites again!! :)  And this monthly I truly have loved these products strictly because of the season and the weather.  So here’s a list of what I’ve loved in June:

NARS Blush in Gilda
I believe I mentioned this before in a quick post – but I thought I’d speak on it again and give a full reason of why I love it sooo much! LOL
This blush is definitely going to be my holy grail.  You all know how much I love my corals – well this color is obviously coral, but it’s more of an orangey coral color that I’ve been searching for some time.  And it’s also MATTE!!! YESS. :)  Since it’s been hot lately and the skin just loves to get shiny or oily – I stay away from using a lot of shimmery products.  And this is perfect to apply to the cheeks because it gives you a natural sun kissed look on the cheeks with a tiny pop of color minus any extra added shimmers {Quick Tip: If you still want that illuminating shimmer look, focus on using a subtle highlighter to the areas you want to glow extra (above cheek bones, down the center of your nose, etc.), or put 1-2 drops in your foundation to get the full face affect looking very illuminating.}

Smashbox Studio Skin 15 Hour Hydrating Foundation
I alternate this foundation with the Makeup Forever Mat Velvet+ because they both work so good, but I can’t figure which one is better. Haha!
I find that this foundation keeps my skin hydrated for sure, it definitely stays put no melting or smudging, it has really good coverage, and I notice my skin doesn’t get too oily at all – yet it doesn’t look too matte or dry.  So it’s that in between natural look which I love

Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet Plus Foundation
Again this works just as good as the Smashbox Studio Skin 15 Hour; I find that my skin starts to get a bit oilier sooner than the Smashbox foundation.  But that could be that this is not a 15 hour + foundation or at least it wasn’t design to be.  But it’s matte, water resistant, and stays put for at least a good 8+ hours

Beauty Blender
Holy Grail hands down!!  I know I’ve ranted about this before – but I will give it some love again.  I was so against it in the beginning, but after reading so many reviews and of course they were all positive, I gave in and bought the little pink sponge.  I’m sooooo glad I did.  Ever since taking this little gem out of its package I have used it ever since nonstop.  I have not used my (what used to be) favorite buffing brush to apply my foundation for a while now.  I love the Beauty Blender so much I picked up a few for my kit.  Seriously the finish is just out of this world, and I noticed that I use less product on my face because the sponge just blends so well into the skin

Lorac Pro Mascara
I don’t think this mascara gets as much love as it should.  It seriously takes my lashes to the next level.  It doesn’t clump or flake, and can easily build.  Although you really don’t need too extremely layer your mascara because with one good coat it really amps up your lashes (length + volume)

L ‘Oreal Ever Crème Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner
I love all the Ever Crème by L ‘Oreal products, but this one I think will be my absolute favorite.  It definitely is very nourishing for my hair but the smell – ahhhh, in love!  It’s like coconut in a bottle:)

Gelish Shellac Nail Colors
During these warm days, I have been in love with bright colors on my nails.  Lately, of course I’ve been wearing a coral color (Tiki Tiki Laranga) but I also got a bit daring and tried a yellow color (Coco Cabana Banana) which I loved too.  And they are shellac which is even more amazing because they will not chip (up to 2 weeks) like a traditional manicure

Victorias Secret Body Spray & Lotion in Coconut Passion
Yes coconut again, if you don’t know by now – I just looveeeee the smell of coconut, but it has to be the true coconut scent and not the fake overly masked with vanilla smell…I mean the true tropical coconut smell.  And that is what you get using these products.  It reminds me of being in a tropical area by the beach.  The lotion and spray last on your body so long even while your natural oils are coming out – you still will smell the same :)

Monday, July 1, 2013

Makeup Monday: Come check out my recent work...

Hi Friends!!!  I'm so happy to share with you some of my recent work that just got published in Plus Model Magazine's July Issue.  This is over a 5 page editorial spread that took place in Venice, CA.  The model is Natalie Alvarado from Natural Model Management, the photographer is Michelle Alexandra, and I did the hair/makeup.  Click here (http://www.plus-model-mag.com/) to take a full look of the editorial....enjoy! J

Monday, June 17, 2013

Makeup Monday!: My 3 Favorite Products used this weekend....

Hi Peeps!  It’s Makeup Monday!! J

Today I will share my most favorite products I used over the weekend – that I for sure will be using heavenly within the next coming summer weeks. 

Nars Blush in Gilda
It’s the perfect blush for summer.  The shade is coral (orange/red based no pink) and it’s a matte finish.  I love it because it gives off this natural summery flush color on your cheeks without looking too powerful – it’s the perfect pop of color.  I also love that it’s matte with no shimmers or anything because in the summer time our skin will tend to get dewier faster just off the weather. So if adding shimmer to that, it’ll make you look more oily than you actually are.

Lorac Pro Mascara
The mascara wand on this works pretty well.  It’s shaped like a cone almost, which is something I wasn’t used too.  But after using it a few times, I get why the wand is shaped the way it is – and it’s fantastic.  It makes sure you get all corners of your lashes and easily lengthens and adds volume to the lashes without applying too many coats.

Make Up For Ever – Mat Velvet +
I’ve talked about this before in my favorite foundations (which I’ll need to update soon) – and it’s amazing.  I don’t normally use this foundation during the fall/winter season because it makes my skin too matte or my skin is dry.  So I usually change to using the HD version.  But during the summer Mat Velvet + works wonders.  Your skin will look flawless in the hottest of the hot hot sun! J

Monday, June 10, 2013

Makeup Monday!! (A review, product rave, makeup related product mention all in one) :)

Hi Peeps…..it’s Makeup Monday! J

This one is a little different, I’m raving about one of my ultimate favorite products (it will be in this months fav posts for sure), it’s sort of a review, anddd of course it’s related to makeup. Let me just warn you and say….it’s no secret to the beauty community.  It’s theeeeee BEAUTY BLENDER!!!

Okay okay I know, why am I just now talking about this! LOL.  I ask myself the same question too.  Lets just say…better late than never, right?! J

Anyway on to the beauty blender for those who don’t know about it.

The beauty blender is this small pink egged shaped sponge.  It is odor free, latex free, and non allergenic. YES!  It has a very soft silky suede-like texture, so it feels like a soft little pillow on your face. 

To use it, first wet the sponge entirely and squeeze out all the excess water.  Let it sit while you prep your skin.  The sponge will expand yet will still remain damp and ready to use.  Dab a few drops of foundation on your face, or you can use the sponge dip into your foundation and then apply to face.  Using a patting rocking back and forth motion by pushing the foundation into the skin with the beauty blender.  You will see right away how the finish looks so professional and flawless leaving your complexion looking airbrushed and amazing.  It’s effortless!!  The pointy side of the blender is good to get into the smaller areas; such as under your eyes and around your nose.  The rounder part of the blender is perfect to help blend out those harsh lines and edges.

How to care for it – I would say after every use wash it right away.  Just me personally I like to have it cleaned after every use – just because it’s more delicate than a traditional makeup brush.  The beauty blender offers their cleanser, but I just use what I do for my brushes – a soft cleanser such as baby shampoo or a delicate face wash.

Now I know there’s a lot of people who are opposed to sponges – I was one of those people, I still am, but not when it comes to the beauty blender.  It doesn’t do what typical sponges do, the beauty blender is built very uniquely, in fact it’s catered to makeup artists (hence the owner is a makeup artist) to have in their kit for professional use.  And speaking of kit’s and professional use – if you’re a makeup artist looking to introduce these in your kit, I would get about 2-3 beauty blenders.  Just because it would be hard to clean a sponge in between clients without it truly being sanitary and it makes it easier to switch out sponges as well. 

And last but not least, do not purchase any of the dupes that tried to be like the Beauty Blender.  It’s just not the same!  I’ve tried them, been there done that – just get the pink egg! J

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed my version of my experience with the beauty blender.  Definitely pick one up for yourself (and for your kit if you’re a makeup artist).

Til next time…. J xo

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

May Favorites

Hi Peeps!!

Here’s a few of my May favorites, although I feel I don’t have much to share.  But don’t worry…..this summer should be packed with new things I’ll be trying that I have been eyeing for some time. J  Anyway enjoy the read… J xo

Cozzette Vessels by Roque Cozzette

First off let me just say anything executed or thought of by a professional makeup artist is genius and worth investing.  Roque Cozzette world renowned professional artist /  celebrity artist / beauty expert – just everything under the sun and moon when it comes to beauty and has been painting faces since the 80’s.  Like other mua’s out there with their beauty product lines, Roque created these vessels that are perfect for any makeup artists professional kit.  These vessels have been a life saver; not only do they cut down on packing space in the kit, but they keep your items sanitary and you look super professional and organized.  I use these vessels to hold all of my disposables.  They sit nicely at your makeup station, very convenient to get to you while not in the way of other things.  These vessels can be purchased at Nigel’s Beauty Emporium or www.roquecozzette.com

Makeup Forever Dany Pouch

Another world renowned professional artist who created her line – and this beauty product line is AMAZING!!!!  Anything MUFE is AMAZING!!!  With that said, the Dany Pouch is another life saver.  Similar concept like the Cozzette Vessels, but this holds my makeup brushes.  The pouch itself is very durable, spacious, easy to clean, and packs nicely in the kit saving space.  Also, when opening the pouch, one side can be used to hold clean brushes and the other for the dirty.  It keeps from having so many containers on your makeup station.

MAC Lipstick – Girl About Town

The perfect color to add that pop to your face, especially when you’re not in the mood for anything coral or red.  This color is suitable for any skin tone when applied right.  Start off minimal by staining your lips with the color, then build up to the boldness of your discretion.

Tresemme Keratin Smooth Heat Protectant

I love Tresemme products especially when you can’t go out and get your salon favorites.  In my opinion Tresemme is perfect for a lot of dupe products, easily affordable and easy to find.  Also Tresemme is often used at major fashion shows such as Mercedes Benz Fashion week – so you know Tresemme is that GOOD!  Anyway I’ve always been a fan of their original heat protectant spray – but recently I notice they came out with their Keratin Smooth line so I had to try this versions protectant.  And I do have to say – I find it to be a tad better! J  It still does the main job which is protecting your hair while using hot tools; however, I notice that my hair is a little shinier it feels more conditioned and very soft.

Sunbum Lotion

This is like vacation in a bottle.  I only love this just off the smell….hahaha!!  It does contain SPF which is good of course - and the main reason why you should get this, but I seriously only cared about the smell LOL!!  It’s the typical beachy coconut tropical smell….but not cheap or faking smelling. LMAO!  It seriously smells like you’re sniffing real coconut and the beach.

Tory Burch Flip Flops

These are my holy grail flip flops…and why – because they are durable!  I walk the rough streets of…. – haha jk! Seriously I do a lot of walking and strutting that you need durable flip flops – and these are the life saver.  J They are so comfortable you can wear for hours, and the cushion is just perfect.  It’s not too thin and not to thick (I hate paper thin or extra chunky flip flops)….and the soles do not wear down – I Promise!!!  Another reason why they are the best to slip on for anything.