Thursday, December 22, 2011

L'Oréal Infallible Lip Color - Product Review

I really like this lipstick. At first I was skeptical because it sounded like every “too good to be true gimmick” out there. So I pulled myself together and just gave in a bought one lipstick. It took a while to get used to at first.
As it is heavily advertised this lipstick should last 24hours…. it did not stay as thorough like it should have. But, that was my first trial run and also I didn’t have my lips prep how it says they need to be on the package. I gave it another try the second time around and I love it. This lipstick really last a very long time. And really, it’s not a real lipstick, in my mind it’s like a lip paint (in between a lip gloss and a lip stick…similar to the OCC Lip Tars

The way I apply this product is making sure you have nothing on your lips (I mean moisturize them for a good 10mins before applying anything to your lips to avoid dryness and then wipe off the residue so there’s not a film of anything on your lips). Then, I lightly line my entire lip with a lip liner similar to my lipstick shade, I then wait a few seconds. Next I apply the lip color and I use a very thin coat. The Infallible’s are pretty pigmented so there’s really no need to pack it on. Once the lip shade is on, seriously let that dry for a good minute or two. Kiss your hand just to be sure nothing transfers. Then finally, add the lip shine/moisturizer it comes with….and whoohoo you have beautiful lips that will last all day.

I apply mine at 7am in the morning and no joke by 8pm it’s still on. I know this product can be a bit pricy for drugstore…BUT if you find yourself a coupon from Ulta you can score a good discount, plus L’ Oreal seems to always have sales so definitely take advantage of that. AND…right now around this Christmas time at CVS they have 50% off these products….which I was able to pick up more shades. So far I own Garnet, Beyonce Red, and Diane's Tuberose .

Give it a try…it’s well worth it!

I'm back...

Hi Friends!
Okay I know I totally failed this half of the year not posting anything and not keeping this blog lively.  I know I have disappointed you and probably made you less interested being subscribed to my blog. L
BUT…that all is going to change, I promise I promise! J  Regardless of busy schedules and not being in the mood; come the new year 2012 I will make this blog very active.  I will promise you that you will see more posts here that will make you very interested checking back almost daily.  This is my New Years resolution for 2012 and I promise I will stick to it.  Sooo with that said……blog posts are on the way! J