Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Product Review: Neutrogena Shine Control Foundation

Hello Everyone!

Finally back…and I’m here to give a product review of the new Neutrogena Shine Control foundation.  Now, you all know how much I love my higher end foundations.  I’ve given several reviews and product fav rants on the ones I love, and also I express heavenly that if you’re going to spend $$$ on makeup your foundation should be the first and foremost product to splurge on.  However, on certain an everyday basis you may not want use that higher end foundation, you’d rather leave it for the special moments and may perhaps use more an affordable product.  With that said, I have found (and been testing) a dupe foundation called Neutrogena Shine Control. 
This to me is very similar to the Chanel Perfection Lumiere and MakeupForever HD foundations I use often.  For me, when using the Neutrogena Shine Control, my skin has almost the same finishing results compared to my fav foundations mentioned.  ANNDDD….I tested this foundation while I was on vacation in Louisiana.  While in the south it was the most horrified weather I had experienced in a while. LOL  It was VERY VERY VERY HOT, very humid, and the weather fluctuated with being stormy but also sunny….while still HOT! LOL  So with that said, this Neutrogena foundation held up on my skin pretty well.  I would say you definitely need to use a primer and setting powder if you have combination to oily skin. 
The foundation can be applied with your fingers or brush.  I would say using a buffing brush would be best NOT a traditional foundation brush because it may leave some streaks behind.  When using your fingers I notice the coverage is a bit heavier.  The foundation to begin with is already a slight heavy “light” to medium coverage if that makes sense.  For example, it’s not very sheer or super light at all, there’s some great coverage when applying the first application, but definitely is buildable to a medium coverage, maybe even a full coverage depending on one’s skin.  The downside to this product is it doesn’t come in a wide range of colors. L  The color I use is the darkest one, and for me I feel it’s just a tad shade light….just a tad.  But it’s okay, because as you know it’s easier to darken up your skin with bronzer or sculpting powder if you have a lighter foundation on.  But if having a darker foundation on…that’s impossible to blend and look natural.

So just to recap…

·         Foundation finish is similar to Chanel Perfection Lumiere and MakeupForever HD
·         Product can be a slight heavy “light” to medium coverage
·         Product lasts up to 8hrs+ and in hot weather conditions especially when using a primer and setting powder

·         Does not come in a wide range of colors
·         Product comes in a glass bottle with NO pump and a thick consistency so can be difficult to extract and apply  
I hope you all enjoyed this review; I would say it’s worth a try.  And super affordable because you know at drugstores there’s always some sale you can take advantage of.

Ciao Beauties J xo

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