Monday, January 9, 2012

Themed Boudoir Photo Special

Hi Everyone...Happy Monday! I’d like to share an opportunity with you for those interested in photoshoot opportunity.  On Saturday, January 21st I will be working with the fabulous Michelle Alexandra Photography ( on a themed boudoir photo special. You will be given the opportunity to take glamour/beauty photos and then switching to taking those seductive type photos. J  Hair and makeup will be provided by me.

This is the time to let your good girl and bad girl side come out...I mean everyone has a lil’ Sasha Fierce in them.  :) As Valentines Day is just around the corner, this will be perfect to give as a gift to your special someone.  So if you’re interested, please contact Michelle Alexandra or myself directly to book your appointment.

 xo Tiffany

Contact Info:
Michelle Alexandra

Tiffany Purdy

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year!! Best Products from 2011

Happy New Year Everyone! J

I hope you all had a fabulous holiday celebrating Christmas and New Year’s with family and friends.  It’s crazy to see how quickly 2011 came and left…and now 2012 is here already…geezz!!  Well with putting 2011 in our pasts, I do have to say, it was a great year.  I was very very productive (hence why you hardly saw any of my posts), I met new people, experienced new experiences, and discovered new finds.  And the new finds I will share with you are……my most fav beauty products for 2011. J  These products have been my everyday go-to products.  Some are products I’ve used for a very long time, and then some products are recent discoveries that I will continue to use until…whenevers.  With that said….let me get started…

I switch back and forth from using the Estee Lauder Double Wear light, and the Makeup Forever HD.  Both are great….love them equally.  Although I do feel MUFE gives me a slighter more dewy finish, which is fine depending on the occasion.


Hands down the best ever…..BrowZing from Benefit.  I swear I have used this thing since it ever came out on the market.  It’s so easy to brush on and seriously last all day, it has cute packaging that can easily be thrown in your makeup bag, and most of all….this sucker last forever.  At one point I swear I had the same product for almost 2 yrs.

A recent find this year, maybe about a few months back, I have discovered…..Inglot’s AMC gel liner.  This has been the best thing I have used when it comes to liner.  It lasts forever….practically all day, the product itself is so pigmented that a little definitely goes a long way, and most of all it does not dry out unlike some other gel eyeliners (i.e. Mac Blacktrack)

Now, when it comes to mascara I do vary between all sorts of brands I use.  I have some favorite high end mascaras and some drug store I love too.  But because we often throw out mascaras I’m always switching around trying different brands.  However, one in particular I will always love and will never forget how it coats my lashes so good is….Clinique High Impact.  This is just a beautiful gem I stumbled across.  It’s not too pricy ($14) which is right in between a drug store and high end product.  And as a bonus, I have also been loving their bottom lashes mascara too ($10).  This has been theeee best ever.  I have small bottom lashes, so using this wand is just so perfect.  And it distributes the perfect amount so you can eliminate any clumps on the bottom lashes.

L’Oreal Infallible lip colors have been my recent favs.  Though I have only been using these for almost the past 2 months, I would say this will continue to be my favorite going into the new year.  I recently did a blog review on this product so please visit it for an in-depth review.  The lip colors are so amazing, they have almost replaced my other favs that I have loved for a while.

I hope you all enjoyed this post, I tried to cover the most popular items that often women use when wearing everyday makeup.  I do have lots of other favs of course, but these listed seem to be the ones I always reach for.  Please do comment or send a message if you have any questions and of course, share with me what are your favorites you’ve been loving the past year.  I love to hear from you all!  xo Tiffany