Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bridal Makeup Special!!!

You or anyone you know have an Engagement Shoot, Bridal/Bachelorette Party, or a Wedding coming up and need Makeup Services; contact me today to book your appointment.  Like my FB page ( and mention this post to receive 25% off your package.  Also, if you confirm your appointment for 6+ ladies – the Bride (only) will receive a complementary makeup session the day of the wedding only.  This is open to everyone within the US as I’m open to travel.  Offer ends 10/31/13.

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Monday, May 13, 2013

Makeup Monday: Favorite (secret) makeup item I use personally!

It’s Makeup Monday!

I share with you today one of my favorite kept secret (well not no more - haa!) makeup items I use on myself.  
(A little disclaimer – it’s permanent home is my makeup bag, it does not belong in my kit nor would I advise anyone to use this item as a reoccurring item in their kit – unless you have one for every client you work on.)

I have been using lately the Hashmi Kajal eyeliner.  This has been my holy grail for the past few weeks and I continue to love it.  The pigmentation is out of this world, literally one swipe is all I need – and of course the boldest of the bold black color ever.  Also, the way it’s packaged is different compared to a traditional pencil or mechanical eyeliner.  It’s like a small stick tube of goodness that doesn’t require sharpening, twisting, or anything.  This is a kajal so of course, you’ll definitely want to set the eyeliner with a shadow so it doesn’t leak.  This product I would say is comparable to an Urban Decay or Stila eyeliner because of its creaminess, but the black is a little more bolder and deep.  Lastly I hear this only costs $2 or so.  I got this has a gift from a friend so I couldn’t tell you the exact price but she says its dirt cheap.

Anyway…check this out it’s definitely worth the try. Happy Shopping! J

Friday, May 10, 2013

It's Mother's Day Weekend.....and I have a special announcement!! :)

Hi Peeps!

Mother’s day weekend is here!!  Have you found your gift to show appreciation to your mom, baby’s momma, a pet momma, or anyone in general playing the momma role?! J  If you haven’t and are scrambling to find something last minute – I May have the perfect gift offer for you. Contact me today to schedule a makeover session for your loved one and receive 30% off. Offer ends 5/12/13 at 6pm PT.

(FYI….just for fun I have a theme going on – 3’s and M’s….can you see it?!  Since we are in the month of May, celebrating Mother’s day, and I’m offering my Makeup services | (Mo.) 5 + (Day) 12 + (Yr) 13 = 30)

Happy Friday peeps! J xo

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

5 (Five!) Essential Makeup Products

Hi Beauties!

I thought I’d share five essential makeup products that anyone should have who enjoys wearing makeup.  Now, I know there are a lot of you out there that say “I love wearing makeup, but I have no time” or “I love wearing makeup, I just don’t want to wear so much”, or “I love wearing makeup but I don’t know what to get”.  Well hopefully this post will help answer all those “I love wearing makeup…but…” scenarios. 

I’ve listed below 5 products that can be used for a dual purpose, yet can help create a full makeup look (maybe semi J).  This is decent enough to wear casually, something light while running errands, or just because you don’t want to wear a lot – and that’s okay!  So because some fear having to buy way too many products, I chose only 5 and broke it down to explain what and where they can be used for.

Lipstick or Lipstain: The best part of using this product is it can be for a dual purpose.  Lips and Cheeks.  Choose a color that’s suitable for both.  Dab 2-3 dots of the product onto your cheeks, use your fingers to help warm the product and blend beautifully into your skin.

Eyeliner: Try finding a color that can be used not just on your eyes but the BROWS! (Can’t forget about the brows J).  In my opinion I think a nice cool brown would be suitable for almost everyone.  To start off with the eyes – line the top or bottom (or both whichever is best for you).  To eliminate the harshness, take a q-tip and lightly smudge the line so if gives you a softer affect.  For the Brows – lightly, I mean very lightly brush the liner onto the brows starting from your arch and going down.  Build your color as needed.  You can fill in the beginning of your brow if necessary but I would barely touch the product onto your brows so it’s not so harsh/dark looking.

Powder/Tinted Moisturizer/BB Cream: This all depends on your skin type, but the purpose is to give you an even canvas.  If you feel you tend to get very oily, use a powder.  If you tend to be a little dry in some areas of the skin, try the BB creams.  The coverage all depends on your liking, so build as needed or strictly buy a foundation.

Mascara: Definitely a must to help bring out your eyes

Concealer: A MUST MUST MUST hands down!  No one wants to see how late you’ve stayed up last night from whatever you were doing. Haha!  Concealer is a definitely must have in any woman’s makeup bag.  Dark circles or not, this just gives you the instance boost to your face.  You look refreshed, awake, your eyes are lifted, - it’s like you’ve slept in for 12 hrs on the most comfortable bed you can think of. 

xo J Tiffany

Monday, May 6, 2013

Makeup Monday: Random Beauty Haul

Hi Friends!

I thought I’d share a few beauty products I picked up for the professional kit and some for my own personal makeup stash.  Some of these products I initially got for the warm summer days we have coming up.  Primers to keep the skin matte and oil free, some summery shades for the cheeks and eyes, as well as waterproof stuff to keep the makeup from just oozing in the hot sun. LOL J

Enjoy!! J xo

Friday, May 3, 2013

My April Favorites

Helloooo Beauties!! 

I haven’t done a monthly favorites in a longggg time….so I thought I’d bring it back. J  Take a look at what I’ve been loving in April….

Skin Care
Estee Lauder Purifying Sparkling Clean Foam Cleanser: Perfect for really removing makeup residue, dirt and oils

Clinique All About Eyes – Eye Cream: This cream has been very useful with reducing the puffiness around the eyes.  The product is very cooling and calming.  Although I’d have to say it didn’t really reduce the dark circle and the fine lines, well they sorta diminished.  My dark circles are mainly hereditary so I didn’t’ expect much of a reduction – I mainly used this to control the puffiness, and it did just that.

Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentre: My ultimate holy grail!!!  I use this in my professional kit as well as my personal skin care regimen.  This moisturizer is so moisturizing you can feel it just soak in your skin feeding it all the yummy benefiting ingredients that keep your skin feeling nourished.   

Dermablend Concealer: This concealer has medium to heavy coverage – which I love.  I really dislike that heavy mask look so I stay away from the full coverage concealers.  And the light coverage ones are just too sheer for me and my dark circles.  So this one works perfect!  A little definitely goes a long way.  And the best way to apply is with a synthetic brush.

Model in a Bottle: Since it’s been very warm around my neck of the woods, I’ve been using Model in a Bottle to help with setting my foundation and keeping it in tact for the long warm days.  However, I don’t spray it on my face because I still like a little bit of the natural dewiness and I don’t need everything fully protected.  So instead I would spray 2 pumps on my brush to help moisten it while I buff in my foundation.

Make Up Forever Aqua Eyes Eyeliner in Deep Purple 6L: Since we are well into our Spring to Summer days, I’ve been jazzing up my eyes with a little pop of color.  Especially during the days I don’t feel like wearing any eye shadow.  So to add that pop I would apply purple eyeliner to my waterline – this helps bring out my brown eyes as well.

Hair Care
Wen Haircare by Chaz Dean: A MUST HAVE PRODUCT!!!  This product has brought life back to my hair – no joke!!!  I am mixed Filipino and Black, therefore my hair is a bit curly.  Although I like to straighten it or curl it all the time… it has seen its worse days all dried and shriveled up.  I resorted to trying the Wen Cleansers and oh gosh did I fall in love immediately after the first try.  My hair is super shiny - more than it’s ever been, I can feel my hair has gained a lot of strength it no longer feels week limp and brittle, and it actually has help it grow quickly as well.  A helpful tip that I’ve done is leaving the product in all day in a bun, it’s like a 24hr deep condition.

Macadamia Oil: After straightening my hair or curling it, I add just a bit to the tips of my hair.  Not only does it help tame the frizz but it’s also giving my hair nutrients and helps cure those split ends. J

J’ adore by Christian Dior: This is my all-time favorite scent feeling sexy and grown yet still girly and sweet. J

I hope you enjoyed all what I’ve been obsessed with for the entire month of April…comment and tell me what have been some of your favorites last month – I’d love to hear so I can maybe pick up some of your recommending products.

Take care…and Happy Friday! J xo Tiffany