Monday, June 25, 2012

A Glimpse of what went on while in NYC...

Hi All,

Heyyy...I'm back from visiting the big apple, and boy let me say was it an amazing trip!  I met so many great people, I worked my butt off for like 10-12 hrs a day, seen so many different sites.  It was amazing and I can't stop thinking about when I will be returning.  J

There's definitely a lot to share from that trip, but I don't think I'll be able to fit it all into one post.  With that said, lets just start off with a lil glimpse of me working on a model portfolio.  Check out the video below, it's a BTS of us lovely ladies at work in the streets of NYC.  Enjoy!! J xo

Model: Frances Cordova (
Photographer: Michelle Alexandra (
Hair/Makeup: Tiffany Purdy (

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Father's Day Gift Ideas: Products for Men

Hello Ladies!

For those of you looking to buy Father’s day gifts for the men in your life, but struggling on what to buy, get them “men cosmetics”.  The men can definitely use these products in their regimen which means you know nothing will go to waste, and plus you’re helping with making sure they stay on point with their skin care. J Below are a few options you can pick up, and can be purchased at drugstores or department stores.

Nivea Sensitive Shaving Gel
This can be used on all skin types, specifically those with sensitive skin.  Though you might not have such sensitive skin, it’s still best to use this type of shaving gel because it’s less harsh, it won’t irritate the skin, and contains Chamomile extract and Vitamin E to help soothe the skin after each shave.  It will leave your skin looking healthy and smooth, and very moisturized.  (This can be purchased at Target)

King of Shaves Gel
This is also like the Nivea product, but slightly better.  This has contains a little more ingredients to help the skin stay less irritated, very moisturized, and protects the skin from becoming dry.  I find this brand has a lot other products that are definitely worth checking out as well. (This can be purchased at Target)

Jack Black Pure Clean Daily Cleanser
I say never go too cheap on your cleanser.  This is a must to pick up!  Because men skin types can be rougher, drier or highly prone to irritation; it’s worthwhile investing in a really good cleanser to wash away the bad stuff that just sits on your skin.  And just like women, men definitely need to wash twice a day.  (This can be purchased at Sephora)

Jack Black Energizing Scrub
I would say this is an optional product to purchase.  But definitely should be used by those men who work in construction, play sports, just basically stays outdoors a lot.  Again because men skin types can be dry, you would need to use a facial scrub to help get rid of dead skins cells and to help your pores breath properly. (This can be purchased at Sephora)

Philosophy Hope in a Jar
This moisturizer is a holly grail for a lot of people.  This moisturizer is perfect to use day and night.  It’s light weight feeling, but definitely knows how to lock in the moister leaving your skin feeling so baby soft.  Because men tend to not want to use many products that may leave their skin oily, this helps fix just that.  (This can be purchased at Sephora or Ulta)

Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm
This is a MUST to purchase.  Most of men’s lips stay dry and chapped, and this helps solve that problem.  It seals in moisturizer so quick leaving the lips feel like butter after 1 hour. J

I hope that helps you ladies get a few ideas together on what to purchase for your men.  Maybe throwing one or two of these products in a little grab bag of miscellaneous goodies would be suffice.  Trust me they’ll love it!! J

Thanks for reading…..until the next post!  Have a good day beauties! xo

Product Review: Too Faced Candlelight Pressed Powder

This invisible pressed powder is really not that bad, I really like it.  I have to say it’s not my favorite product I reach for all the time, but I love using it when in the mood for a glowy effect on my face.  Usually when I want my skin to look fresh, healthy and glowing, I’ll definitely reach for this.

This pressed powder can be used as a setting powder for your foundation, and is also translucent.  So it definitely can adjust from the lightest to darkest skin tone.  My skin tone is about a warm tan color, and it doesn’t appear white or like I have an ashy effect on my face.  However; if you have oily skin, I would say you absolutely need a primer (which you should use all the time regardless) because by the end of the day your skin will have some natural oils seeping through.  Or you may use a setting spray as well. 

I absolutely love that the powder contains the gold flecks inside.  This is what helps give your face looking very glowy….giving you the “J LO Glow”. J  Although because of the gold flecks, I wouldn’t use this powder during any flash photography.  You will get tons of flash back and your face will not look so cute…if you know what I mean! J

So just to recap….

Glowing and dewy skin
Sets your foundation
Packaging is cute and compact – perfect to throw in your purse

Skin can appear oilier after a period of time
Do not use during any flash photography

Thanks for reading…..until the next post!  Have a good day beauties! xo

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

May Favorites

Hi Everyone,

I know this is a way…way…way overdue post….but I am finally back! J  I’m here to share with you my May Favorites.  I seriously can’t believe that we’re already through half of 2012…geezz where has time gone.  Anyhoo….let me get started on what I’ve been using very frequent in the month of May

A lot of my favs have been focused on lips.  I’ve been loving a lot of the coral-ish shades.  I haven’t been too crazy about doing my eyes given it’s the Spring/Summer season.  I just wanted to stay focused on clean fresh dewy skin and a pop of color on the lips. 

MAC Lipstick shade Morange

YSL Lipgloss shade #2

Maybelline Super Stay 24hr color shade Continuous Coral

As mentioned the focus of my makeup has been on fresh dewy skin; this is what I’ve been loving:
Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation (This foundation is amazing for being from the drug store.  It seriously is almost just as good as some of my higher brand foundations.  I love how my skin looks very natural and fresh, yet the coverage is still great, and the price….affordable!  I’ve heard so many others in the beauty community say this is worth buying, so I had to try myself.  And I agree….it’s so worth purchasing

Bobbi Brown Corrector Concealer (perfect for hiding the dark circles J)

My favorite scent of perfume that I’ve been wearing is Issey Miyake.  There are a mix of notes that I can’t pin point, but lets just say it’s a subtle floral scent….but in a mature way, not the young girly stuff.  I feel like a real power woman when I wear this. LOL

I have been trying this amazing skin product called Yves Saint Laurent Forever Youth Liberator Serum.  It’s super expensive but I got a really nice sized sample that has been lasting for a while.  A little of this does go a long way.  This serum has really made a difference in my skin.  It looks really healthy, glowing, smooth, almost like baby’s skin.  I love it so much….I’m in heaven when I put this on all the time. I don’t know what I’ll do when I run out, so I try to use it sparingly now.

I love love love candles, and the scent I have been loving is Mandarine by Votivo.  It smells so good it's like you want to eat it. LOL

This is a really short list of favs…I know, but I honestly I haven’t been wearing too much on my face because it’s starting to get into the warmer days.  So because of that, I keep the face looking very much less effortless. J

I promise to get my posts back to normal schedule…I know I’ve promised before, but I will get back into the routine.  Especially because I have excited events and opportunities coming up that I’d want to share.  A week from tomorrow I will be headed to NYC for an opportunity of a life time.  It’s Full Figured Fashion week ( so I will be there networking while also working on many many models.  So I definitely will be sharing all of the colorful scenes I see, of course the beauty shopping, and some good eats as well.   So please stay tune for that blog post. 

Until then…..thank you for your support in viewing my rambles, I greatly appreciate it. 

Have a nice day beauties! J

Tiffany xo