Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I’m back...wow and it’s Spring 2014 already - time to catch up!!! :)

Hi Friends!!  I’m back….so sorry I have escaped you like that.  A LOT….I mean a LOT has gone on since I last posted about anything.  I will catch you up on what’s been going on….

Since the last time I was here blogging, it was Summer 2013. As Summer concluded last year, I flew to the fashion capital, the city that never sleeps, the big apple – yes yes you know N-Y-C!!  And while I was there……I was in the midst of Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week – Spring/Summer 2014.  And WOW was that a first time experience I will never forget.  You just feel the energy in the air.  From production getting into gears setting up numerous shows, photographers and those flashes going off what seemed to be every milla-second, tall beautiful models scurrying from building to building, and of course the hair and makeup teams looking fierce in their easy quick makeup looks with pops of colors and the black threads of fashionable clothing pieces (aka the glam artist uniform) that look somewhat very fashion forward – because it’s a fashion show….duh! LOL  And lets not forget the talented stylists and designers with piles of bags, rolling racks and hangers moving swiftly in between shows.  While there, I also worked with a few agency models conducting shoots in which some of those photos were published on their agency sites (kinda cool J)

After coming back from NYC, I jetted onto LA for their Fashion Week events where I worked the POSH LA Fashion show.  I visited the Arsenio Hall Show as well networking with the Head Makeup Artist, in addition to also being on the studio sets in the heart of Hollywood!

Then after, the holidays were commencing so things were started to slow down – but not completely.  A few shoots I worked on where some pics got published as well.

After the holidays, came the New Year – and there I made the biggest career change in my life.  I moved to Los Angeles!!!  And boy has it been a big change for sure.  Lots of new things to experience, and lots of new goals and plan I’ve put into action. 

Starting with one of the goals, I wanted to branch out working on different clients I never worked with before…and so I did.  I began working with agency represented kids!!  And boy are they a joy to work with.  Everyone’s first thought is – oh gosh kids…what torture they won’t sit still.  And to be honest, they do.  They are the quickest clients I ever worked with as well.  They LOVEEE to be in the makeup chair, and the love to be in front of a camera – who wouldn’t at that young age. J  Once they get onset it’s like they become these little adults, and so intrigued by all the production to get that “one shot”. 

Sooo now, as heading into Spring, it’s prom season, wedding season, graduation season…..just a bunch of events starting to kick into gear as we start to have this wonderful weather as well.  So I will post some behind the scenes of some projects I’m involved with.

Until then, I wanna say thank you so much for being loyal and coming back to view my blog postings.  I honestly love sharing all sorts of ideas, tips and tricks (even stuff I learn), to projects I’m working on – just things get so busy and hectic I get tied up and can’t make time to just talk (blog) with you! L  Please continue to check back for more updates, there’s a lot I will be sharing.  J  Have a good day beauties! xo

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