Tuesday, May 7, 2013

5 (Five!) Essential Makeup Products

Hi Beauties!

I thought I’d share five essential makeup products that anyone should have who enjoys wearing makeup.  Now, I know there are a lot of you out there that say “I love wearing makeup, but I have no time” or “I love wearing makeup, I just don’t want to wear so much”, or “I love wearing makeup but I don’t know what to get”.  Well hopefully this post will help answer all those “I love wearing makeup…but…” scenarios. 

I’ve listed below 5 products that can be used for a dual purpose, yet can help create a full makeup look (maybe semi J).  This is decent enough to wear casually, something light while running errands, or just because you don’t want to wear a lot – and that’s okay!  So because some fear having to buy way too many products, I chose only 5 and broke it down to explain what and where they can be used for.

Lipstick or Lipstain: The best part of using this product is it can be for a dual purpose.  Lips and Cheeks.  Choose a color that’s suitable for both.  Dab 2-3 dots of the product onto your cheeks, use your fingers to help warm the product and blend beautifully into your skin.

Eyeliner: Try finding a color that can be used not just on your eyes but the BROWS! (Can’t forget about the brows J).  In my opinion I think a nice cool brown would be suitable for almost everyone.  To start off with the eyes – line the top or bottom (or both whichever is best for you).  To eliminate the harshness, take a q-tip and lightly smudge the line so if gives you a softer affect.  For the Brows – lightly, I mean very lightly brush the liner onto the brows starting from your arch and going down.  Build your color as needed.  You can fill in the beginning of your brow if necessary but I would barely touch the product onto your brows so it’s not so harsh/dark looking.

Powder/Tinted Moisturizer/BB Cream: This all depends on your skin type, but the purpose is to give you an even canvas.  If you feel you tend to get very oily, use a powder.  If you tend to be a little dry in some areas of the skin, try the BB creams.  The coverage all depends on your liking, so build as needed or strictly buy a foundation.

Mascara: Definitely a must to help bring out your eyes

Concealer: A MUST MUST MUST hands down!  No one wants to see how late you’ve stayed up last night from whatever you were doing. Haha!  Concealer is a definitely must have in any woman’s makeup bag.  Dark circles or not, this just gives you the instance boost to your face.  You look refreshed, awake, your eyes are lifted, - it’s like you’ve slept in for 12 hrs on the most comfortable bed you can think of. 

xo J Tiffany

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