Monday, May 13, 2013

Makeup Monday: Favorite (secret) makeup item I use personally!

It’s Makeup Monday!

I share with you today one of my favorite kept secret (well not no more - haa!) makeup items I use on myself.  
(A little disclaimer – it’s permanent home is my makeup bag, it does not belong in my kit nor would I advise anyone to use this item as a reoccurring item in their kit – unless you have one for every client you work on.)

I have been using lately the Hashmi Kajal eyeliner.  This has been my holy grail for the past few weeks and I continue to love it.  The pigmentation is out of this world, literally one swipe is all I need – and of course the boldest of the bold black color ever.  Also, the way it’s packaged is different compared to a traditional pencil or mechanical eyeliner.  It’s like a small stick tube of goodness that doesn’t require sharpening, twisting, or anything.  This is a kajal so of course, you’ll definitely want to set the eyeliner with a shadow so it doesn’t leak.  This product I would say is comparable to an Urban Decay or Stila eyeliner because of its creaminess, but the black is a little more bolder and deep.  Lastly I hear this only costs $2 or so.  I got this has a gift from a friend so I couldn’t tell you the exact price but she says its dirt cheap.

Anyway…check this out it’s definitely worth the try. Happy Shopping! J

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