Monday, June 10, 2013

Makeup Monday!! (A review, product rave, makeup related product mention all in one) :)

Hi Peeps…’s Makeup Monday! J

This one is a little different, I’m raving about one of my ultimate favorite products (it will be in this months fav posts for sure), it’s sort of a review, anddd of course it’s related to makeup. Let me just warn you and say….it’s no secret to the beauty community.  It’s theeeeee BEAUTY BLENDER!!!

Okay okay I know, why am I just now talking about this! LOL.  I ask myself the same question too.  Lets just say…better late than never, right?! J

Anyway on to the beauty blender for those who don’t know about it.

The beauty blender is this small pink egged shaped sponge.  It is odor free, latex free, and non allergenic. YES!  It has a very soft silky suede-like texture, so it feels like a soft little pillow on your face. 

To use it, first wet the sponge entirely and squeeze out all the excess water.  Let it sit while you prep your skin.  The sponge will expand yet will still remain damp and ready to use.  Dab a few drops of foundation on your face, or you can use the sponge dip into your foundation and then apply to face.  Using a patting rocking back and forth motion by pushing the foundation into the skin with the beauty blender.  You will see right away how the finish looks so professional and flawless leaving your complexion looking airbrushed and amazing.  It’s effortless!!  The pointy side of the blender is good to get into the smaller areas; such as under your eyes and around your nose.  The rounder part of the blender is perfect to help blend out those harsh lines and edges.

How to care for it – I would say after every use wash it right away.  Just me personally I like to have it cleaned after every use – just because it’s more delicate than a traditional makeup brush.  The beauty blender offers their cleanser, but I just use what I do for my brushes – a soft cleanser such as baby shampoo or a delicate face wash.

Now I know there’s a lot of people who are opposed to sponges – I was one of those people, I still am, but not when it comes to the beauty blender.  It doesn’t do what typical sponges do, the beauty blender is built very uniquely, in fact it’s catered to makeup artists (hence the owner is a makeup artist) to have in their kit for professional use.  And speaking of kit’s and professional use – if you’re a makeup artist looking to introduce these in your kit, I would get about 2-3 beauty blenders.  Just because it would be hard to clean a sponge in between clients without it truly being sanitary and it makes it easier to switch out sponges as well. 

And last but not least, do not purchase any of the dupes that tried to be like the Beauty Blender.  It’s just not the same!  I’ve tried them, been there done that – just get the pink egg! J

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed my version of my experience with the beauty blender.  Definitely pick one up for yourself (and for your kit if you’re a makeup artist).

Til next time…. J xo

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