Tuesday, June 4, 2013

May Favorites

Hi Peeps!!

Here’s a few of my May favorites, although I feel I don’t have much to share.  But don’t worry…..this summer should be packed with new things I’ll be trying that I have been eyeing for some time. J  Anyway enjoy the read… J xo

Cozzette Vessels by Roque Cozzette

First off let me just say anything executed or thought of by a professional makeup artist is genius and worth investing.  Roque Cozzette world renowned professional artist /  celebrity artist / beauty expert – just everything under the sun and moon when it comes to beauty and has been painting faces since the 80’s.  Like other mua’s out there with their beauty product lines, Roque created these vessels that are perfect for any makeup artists professional kit.  These vessels have been a life saver; not only do they cut down on packing space in the kit, but they keep your items sanitary and you look super professional and organized.  I use these vessels to hold all of my disposables.  They sit nicely at your makeup station, very convenient to get to you while not in the way of other things.  These vessels can be purchased at Nigel’s Beauty Emporium or www.roquecozzette.com

Makeup Forever Dany Pouch

Another world renowned professional artist who created her line – and this beauty product line is AMAZING!!!!  Anything MUFE is AMAZING!!!  With that said, the Dany Pouch is another life saver.  Similar concept like the Cozzette Vessels, but this holds my makeup brushes.  The pouch itself is very durable, spacious, easy to clean, and packs nicely in the kit saving space.  Also, when opening the pouch, one side can be used to hold clean brushes and the other for the dirty.  It keeps from having so many containers on your makeup station.

MAC Lipstick – Girl About Town

The perfect color to add that pop to your face, especially when you’re not in the mood for anything coral or red.  This color is suitable for any skin tone when applied right.  Start off minimal by staining your lips with the color, then build up to the boldness of your discretion.

Tresemme Keratin Smooth Heat Protectant

I love Tresemme products especially when you can’t go out and get your salon favorites.  In my opinion Tresemme is perfect for a lot of dupe products, easily affordable and easy to find.  Also Tresemme is often used at major fashion shows such as Mercedes Benz Fashion week – so you know Tresemme is that GOOD!  Anyway I’ve always been a fan of their original heat protectant spray – but recently I notice they came out with their Keratin Smooth line so I had to try this versions protectant.  And I do have to say – I find it to be a tad better! J  It still does the main job which is protecting your hair while using hot tools; however, I notice that my hair is a little shinier it feels more conditioned and very soft.

Sunbum Lotion

This is like vacation in a bottle.  I only love this just off the smell….hahaha!!  It does contain SPF which is good of course - and the main reason why you should get this, but I seriously only cared about the smell LOL!!  It’s the typical beachy coconut tropical smell….but not cheap or faking smelling. LMAO!  It seriously smells like you’re sniffing real coconut and the beach.

Tory Burch Flip Flops

These are my holy grail flip flops…and why – because they are durable!  I walk the rough streets of…. – haha jk! Seriously I do a lot of walking and strutting that you need durable flip flops – and these are the life saver.  J They are so comfortable you can wear for hours, and the cushion is just perfect.  It’s not too thin and not to thick (I hate paper thin or extra chunky flip flops)….and the soles do not wear down – I Promise!!!  Another reason why they are the best to slip on for anything.

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