Monday, July 8, 2013

MAKEUP MONDAY: It's JUNE Favorites!!! :)

Hi Friends!

It’s my monthly favorites again!! :)  And this monthly I truly have loved these products strictly because of the season and the weather.  So here’s a list of what I’ve loved in June:

NARS Blush in Gilda
I believe I mentioned this before in a quick post – but I thought I’d speak on it again and give a full reason of why I love it sooo much! LOL
This blush is definitely going to be my holy grail.  You all know how much I love my corals – well this color is obviously coral, but it’s more of an orangey coral color that I’ve been searching for some time.  And it’s also MATTE!!! YESS. :)  Since it’s been hot lately and the skin just loves to get shiny or oily – I stay away from using a lot of shimmery products.  And this is perfect to apply to the cheeks because it gives you a natural sun kissed look on the cheeks with a tiny pop of color minus any extra added shimmers {Quick Tip: If you still want that illuminating shimmer look, focus on using a subtle highlighter to the areas you want to glow extra (above cheek bones, down the center of your nose, etc.), or put 1-2 drops in your foundation to get the full face affect looking very illuminating.}

Smashbox Studio Skin 15 Hour Hydrating Foundation
I alternate this foundation with the Makeup Forever Mat Velvet+ because they both work so good, but I can’t figure which one is better. Haha!
I find that this foundation keeps my skin hydrated for sure, it definitely stays put no melting or smudging, it has really good coverage, and I notice my skin doesn’t get too oily at all – yet it doesn’t look too matte or dry.  So it’s that in between natural look which I love

Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet Plus Foundation
Again this works just as good as the Smashbox Studio Skin 15 Hour; I find that my skin starts to get a bit oilier sooner than the Smashbox foundation.  But that could be that this is not a 15 hour + foundation or at least it wasn’t design to be.  But it’s matte, water resistant, and stays put for at least a good 8+ hours

Beauty Blender
Holy Grail hands down!!  I know I’ve ranted about this before – but I will give it some love again.  I was so against it in the beginning, but after reading so many reviews and of course they were all positive, I gave in and bought the little pink sponge.  I’m sooooo glad I did.  Ever since taking this little gem out of its package I have used it ever since nonstop.  I have not used my (what used to be) favorite buffing brush to apply my foundation for a while now.  I love the Beauty Blender so much I picked up a few for my kit.  Seriously the finish is just out of this world, and I noticed that I use less product on my face because the sponge just blends so well into the skin

Lorac Pro Mascara
I don’t think this mascara gets as much love as it should.  It seriously takes my lashes to the next level.  It doesn’t clump or flake, and can easily build.  Although you really don’t need too extremely layer your mascara because with one good coat it really amps up your lashes (length + volume)

L ‘Oreal Ever Crème Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner
I love all the Ever Crème by L ‘Oreal products, but this one I think will be my absolute favorite.  It definitely is very nourishing for my hair but the smell – ahhhh, in love!  It’s like coconut in a bottle:)

Gelish Shellac Nail Colors
During these warm days, I have been in love with bright colors on my nails.  Lately, of course I’ve been wearing a coral color (Tiki Tiki Laranga) but I also got a bit daring and tried a yellow color (Coco Cabana Banana) which I loved too.  And they are shellac which is even more amazing because they will not chip (up to 2 weeks) like a traditional manicure

Victorias Secret Body Spray & Lotion in Coconut Passion
Yes coconut again, if you don’t know by now – I just looveeeee the smell of coconut, but it has to be the true coconut scent and not the fake overly masked with vanilla smell…I mean the true tropical coconut smell.  And that is what you get using these products.  It reminds me of being in a tropical area by the beach.  The lotion and spray last on your body so long even while your natural oils are coming out – you still will smell the same :)

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