Monday, March 12, 2012

Makeup Monday: Colorful Bold Lips

Spring is coming around the corner and it’s time to wear those nice bold colorful lips; such as corals, pinks, and which ever color that tickles your fancy.  My quick tips will help you in wearing your favorite bold spring lip color and it last almost all day.

The steps…
1.       Exfoliate your lips if needed
             (visit here for that quick tip:
2.       Moisturize your lips (Apply about 10mins prior to apply the lipstick.  For me I usually apply a lip balm the start of me applying my face makeup so that by the time I get to my lips they will be fully nourished)
3.       Line your lips with a lip liner.  Using the same color as your lipstick will allow your lips to look very bold and vibrant, but if you don’t have that specific color you may always alternate using a nude lip liner. (Using a lip liner first acts as a base so that your lipstick has something to grab to and will stay)
4.       Apply your lipstick (Using patting motions and pushing the lip stick into the lips helps the product adhere to your skin.  You may also use a brush for a more precise look)
5.       Take a tissue to blot the excess lip product
6.       Re-Apply your lipstick again as mentioned in the prior step
7.       Take a tissue to blot any excess….and viola your lips are ready to be showcased! J

You may stop here…but for more alternatives, keep on going….
·         For a matte look – After you’ve applied the lipstick the 2nd time and have your tissue ready for blotting; rather than blot your lips, hold the tissue on top of your lips carefully.  Dust a translucent powder over the tissue so that is seeps through onto your lips but very sparingly.  This step really seals in your lip color allowing it to appear very bold and matte
·         For a bit of a gloss look – If you want to add a bit of sheen, but want the lip to not be so greasy looking; apply a lip gloss to the center of your lips (your pout).  Do this after blotting your lips the 2nd time; apply your desired lip gloss sparingly.

I hope this helps everyone….definitely don’t be shy this Spring/Summer and wear those beautiful lip colors.  Have a great day beauties. J xo Tiffany

P.S.  One last thought…a few of my recommendations for bold lip colors:
Corals – Morange, Vegas Volt or Lady Danger
Pinks – Pink Pigeon, Girl About Town or Party Parrot
(All products can be purchased at MAC Cosmetics)

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