Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Hey Everyone!
I’m so sorry for the delay in not posting.  I will promise to be so good and make this my ritual duty, at the very least of posting something weekly. J  Anyhow, just a little update of what I have been up to, hence why I haven’t blogged in some time. 
Last week I worked an event called Ladies of Indulgence (www.ladiesnightofindulgence.com) at the Alameda Fair Grounds in Pleasanton with my friend who’s also a freelance makeup artist Glam by Ursula.  The event was a good experience for the both of us.  We were able to network ourselves, gain new clients, and of course glam up the ladies who visited our booth.  It was super crowded; we were jam packed nonstop for 5 hrs…ahhh!
This weekend I will be attending Mayday a Hawaiian festival, also at the Alameda Fair grounds for Mothers day.  My niece is a Tahitian dancer for Otea Api and will be dancing in a show.  Soooo of course, I will be doing her makeup as well as other of her dancer friends. 
I have a few photoshoots I have been involved with, so once I obtain some pictures to share I will post those as well so you can see.
My upcoming posts I’d like to do are a foundation review.  I have tried out about 5 foundations over the past few months, so I want to share my thoughts.  Also to include are hauls, hauls, and more hauls.  I have been shopping lately picking up some items from makeup to new skincare, and anything beauty.  So I will also share what I’ve got and also my review on how I like the products so far.
Well that’s it for now…..please definitely check back for new posts as I promised they will be updated more frequently.  J  Have a good day!
Talk to you soon…

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