Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Hello Everyone....and welcome to my blog!  As you can see this is my new post, and I'm so excited to be here.  I have followed and read so many talented makeup artists and beauty gurus; I felt it's time that I also have my voice and opinions heard as well in the beauty blogging community. :) 

My purpose of being here is to share my tips and some tricks that I have learned from others, but yet have incorporated them with my own style.  I will definitely showcase many makeup looks focusing on a variety of ages, skin types and complexions, for the trend setters, and of course special occasions.  But also to include, I will share beauty items that I have purchased on any given shopping trip giving my honest review of the product(s); and these can range from skin/body products to can't just be limited to makeup products. Haha! Let’s just say I'm here to talk about everything related to beauty. 

Just a brief overview of me...I am from the San Francisco Bay Area, lived here my entire life, and ready for a new change so the door is open for anything benefiting that will cross my path.  I have worked in the makeup industry for about 5+ years now and loving every moment of it.  Besides being a beauty fanatic, I do utilize my skills on a professional base and work as a freelance makeup artist, so I'm also here to network too! 

Anyhow, I hope you all will enjoy what I’ll discuss here.  I am very open to ideas you may have so please don't hesitant to bring them my way, and of course I'm always acceptant to criticism.  Without being critiqued I will never learn how great or not so great of a job I'm doing, and I think that should go for everyone. :)

Okay, I think I'll end it here I don't want to continue  Thank you again for stopping by, and please check back regularly for any new posts.  Have a good day!

Tiffany :)


  1. I can't wait to see your content in the future. Looking forward to it! :D

  2. @Hanidee. Thank you for your comment it's much appreciated. Subscribed to my blog so you're alerted with my updates. I have been taking a while to get a few things lined up I can post, so things will be interesting to read coming up. :)