Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Welcome Fall 2012 (Beauty Regimens and Fall Makeup)

Hi Bellas!

I know it’s been a while since I discussed beauty tips.….so why not start back again as we now step into a new season. J  It is now Fall and you know what that means – change of weather for sure but most of all….change of makeup colors, products, etc.; change in your skin care; change in your hair care; just everything related to beauty it all will change.

A few most important things to consider changing from the Summer days to the Fall days are:
-  Face Moisturizer
-  Lip Treatment
-  Foundation
-  Hair Treatment
-  Body Moisturizer
-  Makeup colors/textures (optional)

Face Moisturizer – Since the daily temps are beginning to cool you’ll notice a difference in your skin.  It may become a bit drier, not as soft and silky, and just in a yuck phase.  Definitely start switching your face moisturizer to something a bit more heavy.  You can start slowly by using a face cream during the evenings as you sleep, but continue using your normal-to-light moisturizer during the day.  This will help your skin stay nourished at night so that by the time you wake up in the morning, your skin is at its perfection.  If your skin continues to stay dry and feel not so good, try finding a day face cream  to use throughout the entire day.

Lip Treatment – Similar to your face, you will notice a difference in your lips being a bit more drier or chapped.  Definitely you’ll need to start using a heavier lip treatment to prevent any cracked lips or burns.  Especially since the temps are cooler yet the sun is still out shining, you may not feel your lips getting sun burned, but they will be if you don’t protect them.

Foundation – This goes hand in hand with how your skin is reacting.  Since your skin may be a bit drier, it may be best to pick up a foundation that has more of a moisturizing effect.  Usually liquid or cream foundations can help solve that issue.  Also try mixing your foundations, for example; if your skin is normal/combo try applying a small mix of oil-free and non oil-free foundation together.  You will feel a difference in the way your skin will stay moisturized.  Or, use an oil-free primer and a regular type (non oil-free) foundation.  (This is what I do personally and it works wonders) Those with dry skin, continue using the same foundation you own, but religiously apply a heavy moisturizer on your skin morning/night.  Ladies….it’s an absolute must that your skin is hydrated and moisturized before applying any foundation.  If it’s not, you will see the product begin to separate from your skin and that is not good! LOL

Hair Treatment – Same concept, with colder temps in the air this can also dry your hair out slightly.  Try incorporating deep conditioner treatments at least 2x a week.  Also don’t forget heat protectant sprays….they for sure save your hair from becoming so damaged.  And lastly, don’t keep your hair wet and in a bun.  Keeping your hair wet and then immediately going outside in the cool air can cause dryness immediately (and maybe slight mold)

Body Moisturizer – Same concept as to your face.  Also, try using some body scrubs to help remove any dry skin…..I would say about 2x a week or more (depending on how dry your skin is).  Following body scrubs, you can apply body oils and body creams immediately since your skin is nicely fresh and ready to soak up moister.

Makeup colors/textures – This is definitely optional, but always a plus to incorporate some new fall products.  A few must haves to fall wearing makeup: dark lips, dark bronze eyes and/or matte eye shadows (lay off the uber shimmery shadows, less is more and keep it subtle)

Welcome Fall 2012….I for sure can’t wait to start wearing the fall outfits and of course wearing fall makeup looks.  I hope you all are excited and ready for the new season…if that means shopping for new fall must haves, then even better!  J

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