Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Quick Check-in...and what's up n' coming...

Hi Everyone!

Thought I do a quick check in.  So sorry there was not a post yesterday for Makeup Monday.  Things again are getting hectic….lots and lots of clients and appointments, daily life, etc.  However, I have tons to share over the next few days:

1)      A recent haul of items that include…NYX products I picked up at Ulta that was 40% (huge deal), I FINALLY got the Naked 2 palette….and much much more.
2)      I will share must have beauty items to pick up for prom….and budget friendly too.  So for all you young ladies out there soon going to prom and can’t get your makeup done professionally, it’s okay…I’ll provide a list of affordable items you can pick up at local drug stores.
3)      A list of Spring favorites (and not just all makeup related, hair and skin too! J)

So definitely please come back to check out these amazing reads….you will love them, so don’t miss out!!

Have a great day beauties… J xo

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