Monday, February 27, 2012

Makeup Monday: Lashes + Volume

Wanting to add a bit of volume to your lashes, but don’t want to use a liquid, gel or pencil liner and don’t want it to be bold/dramatic?!……try using a black or dark brown eyeshadow for a soft way to boost up your look.  Follow these tips to achieve the illusion of having more volume and density to your lashes:

1)      When applying mascara to your lashes, wiggle from the root and up.  This allows the brush to deposit more product at the root of your lashes allowing them to appear very dense.  Try to apply the mascara generously and take your time.  In between each coat, allow the mascara to dry for about 30 secs.  2-3 coats of mascara should give you a good boost.

2)      For the more intense volumized look, add an eyeshadow to the top line of your lashes.  This adds the illusion of having more volume.  Using a dark brown or black eyeshadow with an angled brush, gently apply a soft line very closely to the root of your lashes (Tip: For more drama, focus heavenly on the outer part of your eye to create a semi lift cat-eye affect) If necessary, make sure to blend softly the top line of that eyeshadow you applied using your brush, a q-tip, or even using your finger.  This allows everything to look a bit more natural and not dramatic or harsh.

I hope that helps you all.  Please leave comments if any questions or suggestions. 

Have a great day beauties! xo J  

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